Monday, January 31, 2011


there is this secret little bar I adore called "Bohemian".
this is a picture of one of their drinks the very skilled and charming bartender makes.  Cute ya?
It's in Manhattan, I'll give you that much, but the location and contact info is a secret♥
Another hint I'll give you is that the space was the place Basquiat died.  
aka. his last studio.
According to the brilliant movie of his life, "The Radiant Child" made mainly with interviews of him and people close to him, it was, when he and Andy Warhol had this amazing connection and admiration towards each other as artists, yet failed to hold a successful collaborative art exhibit together.  Poor young Basquiat was crushed by the fact that he could not live up to the expectations he had for himself and what he thought Warhol had for him, and spent the last few years of his life in despair.  Sad cus he's such an interesting and beautiful artist.  
Anywayzz, this is where he died, and thats my favorite bar in NY.
It is owned and run by a Japanese company, of course.
One more hint, the bar is very close to one of the only Indian Contemporary art galleries in NY (picture from the latest group exhibit...sorry if you don't like the work I chose)
I'm telling you, this gallery used to be the best in the field.

In Tokyo, there's speakeasies everywhere!
It's in a random apartment occupying one of the rooms, or the basement of some office building that you just cannot find on your own. 
this is a picture I took at one of the speakeasies-ish places in Roppongi, called "Roku Nana".
It's on the rooftop of a vacant apartment building, done by Yasumichi Morita, and, just stunning.
Flashy, yet nicely done.
I wish they had more places like this in NY...


  1. i can recognize the gallery. aicon? but i don't know the bar. would be curious to know the name, but then i don't really care about the history behind it with basquiat et al.

  2. it IS Aicon! and i wrote the name of the bar "Bohemian". theres another former studio of a very famous artist turned into a private residence that has japanese gatherings all the time which i thought about writing here, but i guess its good that i stopped myself from doing so ;)