Monday, January 31, 2011


 There's not so many things I like more than Gyukaku-happy hour.
Plainly put, it's so cheap!
I went to Gyukaku during the seasonal happy hour specials a lot because I thought they were such great deals, and kept asking everyone around me to come with me.  That resulted in everyone going on different days of the week so I've been to both midtown&east village locations, SO MANY TIMES with so many different groups lol
this time I went to EV gyukaku and had the salmon volcano for the first time (sorry, I took the picture after biting off half of it) but it was good!!  I experimented by putting it on the grill, rice down of course, but that didn't make too much of a difference so I wont recommend doing that...
The other day I was talking to my coworker who also loves Gyukaku happy hour, and we noticed that although we both have been there so many times, we have only been there when it's not happy hour, like twice only!  Ahh the yumness and the great feeling of getting a good deal - priceless (JK, totally a bargain!)
ps. for my Japanese friends, JK in the States means "just kidding", not 女子高生

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