Monday, January 31, 2011


If you are in Japan during the winter, you want to try Oden & hot sake.
It's one of the staples of "what you want to eat when it's cold outside". 
I took a pack of frozen Oden-set and pre-cooked daikon radish and konnyaku to my friend's place, and the gourmet host added sea food! which made the whole thing so much more flavorful. was SO GOOD!!
I have to post a view of the table before the Oden came though...the osashimi and beef carpaccio were amazing!!!

Another great way to have oden would be at a small yatai outdoor...
there will be a grumpy old man behind the serving area who specializes in oden, been-doing-this-for-30years!-type, and you will dash into the yatai, grab a seat, and know exactly what to order.  You will then chit chat with the person(prob a middle aged/old guy) sitting next to you, which is UNHEARD OF in Japanese culture (we don't just start talking to strangers. no, not even when we are in the elevator alone), get a quick drink and a bite and head home a little warmer and jollier than before.
At least that's how I imagine it to be...had to add my imagination to my experience for the ideal Oden situation.
My friends tell me how I am an Oyaji in disguise, and I must admit that I am somewhat of an Oyaji-gal (a girl who likes what middle aged man/old guys like, hot springs, yakitori etcetc...) but mind you I don't look too Oyaji-ish ;-)

Another reason why people categorize me as an Oyajigal is because my favorite place to go to is a Izakaya called Hagi.  Frankly, nothing too great about it, but I'm just used to going there.
I order the same stuff all the time; Edamame, Karaage with daikon oroshi, Mentaiko fried rice/Takana rice along with a pitcher of beer. 
It can't go wrong!

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