Sunday, February 10, 2013

Neapolitan spaghetti -Nagoya style-

In Japan, we invent things, such as dishes that have nothing to do with what the name entails...
one of those would be Neapolitan spaghetti.
I have been told that in Nagoya, they serve this at cafes on cast-iron pans with egg beneath the spaghetti.
Apparently you eat the spaghetti with the half done egg, so I tried this at my friend's place the other day, where I learned needs to be served with the egg half done, doesn't need too much spaghetti, C.always test before declaring you can cook at someone's dinner party....
The result of my culinary experiment, is as below↓↓

now I know!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fluke Shabushabu

I am happy to start the first post in 2013 with the most amazing dish ever; Hirame shabushabu!!!!
Our friend who is the head chef at one of the best macrobiotics restaurant in NY called Soen, is a genius!!  He ordered fish from the market days in advance, sliced the fish in sashimi (we ate it both as sashimi and shabushabu and ahhhh was it good!!) placed on konbu to add flavor.  Hirame (fluke) is usually a very plain fish, but with the care and cure that the chef put into it, its flavorful like no fish you've ever had! perfect for shabushabu by just very briefly dipping in hot water, so you can enjoy the half boiled part and the raw part, is amazing!!!  All vegetables were very well thought through and delicious in a way unexpectedly good, baby cabbages instead of hakusai cabbage, the mountain of mushrooms that would make a mushroom farm jealous!  At the end of the journey, the chef marinated the fluke with the mix I brought for my pickled eggs (soy sauce, mentsuyu, mirin) along with my other marinated celery (lemon, sesame oil, white wine vinaigrette, honey, lots of salt and pepper) and added togarashi pepper and lots of good yuzu pepper, AND MADE OCHAZUKE!!!! Oh boy was that good!!! My friend aptly puts the sum of the dinner in his email to me; if there was a restaurant that only served that - I would go once a week during winter! Plus that was probably one of the best Ochazuke I've ever had." Cannot agree more!!

ごちそうさまでした!!! m(_ _)m