Thursday, January 27, 2011


as we all know, I am an avid user of this Japanese recipe site, .
I have an account under the handle name "cookpadding" and one of my biggest hits happens to be a Natto recipe
I pity the fool who cannot eat Natto, but then again, I also understand how it can be intense cus it smells and its sticky and just, wont, let, go~~nevereverネバネバ~~
I love it though.
A lot of people in Ibaraki, famous for their Natto, eat their Natto on rice with raw egg.
My recipe takes it one step further by microwaving the Natto with the egg.
Very simple; mix Natto & egg
→microwave 30 sec & mix
→repeat till its as firm as you want it to be.
Try it! I promise it wont hurt ;)


  1. oh my raving natto comment did not get thru the other day. let me rephrase, i heart natto, uncooked, raw egg, not cooked is my preferred option, if forced to choose.

  2. natto and raw egg rocks! try my version with less microwave though, its good tooooo!