Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving :D

I usually go to my relative's place for thanksgiving.
They take this so seriously that they have a 40year old turkey cutter for their 5hour cooked jem of a turkey!
all great great traditional&innovative side dishes...

this year a guest brought yum home made pastes...
and also home made shime-saba (pickled mackerel)!
edible delights for desert...
they kindly offered that I take home some of the leftovers....
which turned out to be a massive amount, enough to feed an entire family!!!
without a doubt I am lucky, to have people around me who provide me with love and good food!!
Thank you :D

Tonton Motsu-nabe

it was SO cold that i got a cold, bought a coat on sale at +J (Jill Sander's last colab with uniqlo) and called up my poor friend who was comfortably at home to come out with me in the pouring freezing rain to eat motsu hotpot with me at Tonton...

I, am so glad I insisted!!
after eating the thing, u just add ramen and we're game!
we, are good to go! 
Bring it winter!!!! (im keeeeding just kidding!!!!! please stay warm♥)

Setagaya, Miso Ramen

Setagaya is good because you can count on it not being too crowded, and for times when you just want to consume a LOT of garlic. But today it was SO cold so I had Miso ramen instead, and guess what, it was good!!
I liked how the noodles are the wavy type that pulls in a lot of the good'ol tasty broth.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Northern Spy

a cute place for that on 12st between Ave A&B, Northern Spy.
corned beef hash...

biscuits and gravy...

more of that...
you can't go wrong with brunch!
had a very productive day after having a power brunch :)


haven't been here in a WHILE; Ushiwakamaru-one of the best and most fun places to go :)
reserve a seat at the counter, if its right in front of chef Hide Kurihara ur in for a great time.
trained extensively in the best places in japan he went to NJ where he had his first sushi joint, then moved to NY.
His loyal NJ fans followed him to Houston street and crowd the cozy little space and pour him drinks while he drinks with the people who enjoy his creations.
i'm just going to post all of the stuff we had that night...

aye aye aye
oye oye oye!
what a feast!
Gochisosamadeshita :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011


It's my second time here...but somehow the very kind peeps there thought im a frequent customer who's in the food industry! So i waited my friend with 2 Ebisus....

the chef gave us a welcome dish. subtle and good!

Omakase dinner. Let me just say; everything was spectacular!

suigei aka the drunk whale!

they let us taste kasumizuru & Shin...both good but we went with...kasumizuru!

so good.
SO, good :)
will be back shortly with my groupon!