Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beer; cutness of logo crucial

went to the New Museum opening for George Condo yesterday.
With a bunch of pretentious attendees enjoying the scene - me being one of them, I went to the bar and got a beer.  I posted the picture of the exhibit instead of the beer because the beer wasn't really cute.  Exhibit was great, just what you expect for the New Museum to do but they somehow never end up doing; hipster enough while utilising the space well.  It did remind me of the James Ensor at MoMA though, in a good way.

I like Brooklyn Brewery's logo.  Much cuter.
apparently BK Brewery's logo is designed by Milton Glaser who also designed the iconic I♥NY logo.
A friend who attended the opening with me told me that.
Feel free to use this knowledge for trivia questions!

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