Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cafe Amrita

cafe Amrita was a great place to meet up with a bunch of friends from school when I was in japan!
its been ten years!! (gasp) since i met them, and most ppl havent changed one bit, but then a few changed so much I could hardly tell who they are anymore lol

anywaysss, the food was a mix of Thai and stuff...yumm! Great to see you guys!!

Friday, October 14, 2011


Ryogoku is where they have the sumo wrestling stadium, so all the sumo wrestlers are there.
They eat a lot everyday to stay big, and their signature dish is the Chankonabe hotpot, 
Terao is a place that specializes in Chanko.
theres also other stuff...

Sumo wrestlers usually sleep immediately eating chanko so the food turns into fat, and i SO wanted to do so as well!!!


restaurant equipment sold in Kappabashi street, Asakusa.
they sell everything a restaurant needs, including plastic food display!!!

Shinjuku, Daian

met Wine friends from NY in Tokyo at a Soba restaurant!
but this was a fancy Izakaya soba restaurant with an extensive wine list...forgot to take pictures of the amazing champagne we had,,,

Gochisosama deshita!!!

Bvlgari Ginza

I never do these fancy meals, but was lucky enough to get to go to Bvlgari in Ginza for lunch.
 you can see Cartier accross the street...

i dont even need to explain how good it was, pictures speak for themselves!
ahhhhhhhhhhh yummmmmmmmm