Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer pasta

when it's this hot, I dont want to cook at all!
lemon black pepper pasta, is great for that.
I totally read it on someone's blog and made it out of memory, but unfortunately forgot where I read it...
this is tomato pasta.  You even chill the pasta noodle itself..
this is my favorite pasta salad with tuna and celery.
With all this summer perfect pasta, I think we can do this!
Lets, get, through, this, heat!!!


one of my favorite people in the company that I work for turned 70.
The gift I was instructed to give him from my Chinese antiquity specialist co-worker was, peaches (longevity) and 8 of them because that's a lucky number, and virgin monkey tea ("monkey" again for longevity).
When i have more time I'll link a Wikipedia of why those stands for longevity but just in case anyone needed advice on what to give someone old for their birthday for even more longevity!! I'll post this for now...

drinking and eating at 1 or 8

1 or 8, is great.
When at the sushi counter, there's non-stop gorgeous and delicious yumminess that just keeps coming!
Ikura - like a deep sea gem, beautiful and so, good!!
Aburi toro...
Uni itself can make me cry but on top of negitoro and I'm brawling!
They have great sake there, this was Ozeno yukidoke, clean sharp, well balanced.  I also love So-gen for the same reason.
I don't usually even eat dessert but this was so great I ate everything!!
This is from the other day I went, but the chef who saw this picture told me I shot it from behind so the angle is all wrong, but I think, to be fair (to me) it still shows the beauty of it, and trust me when I tell you it was heavenly good :D
Lamb♥ Food comma galore!
I told the owner, but whenever someone says "ok, we're going to 1or8!" I actually do a little dance lol

Tomi Jazz for summer midnight noodles

Went to Tomi Jazz the other day.
Whenever I go there, no matter how late it is, I get hungry lol
The day I went was no exception.
It was a hot tiring long day, and I don't know why but suddenly really wanted Hiyashichuka, and asked them if they had it, and ta-dah! They did!
Ask, and you shall receive ;)
we also had Mentaiko spaghetti.
That's a given when there. Always good!

Croxley for 10c/wings!

Croxley has 10c/wing Mon/Tue/Wed!
Minimum order is 15wings, but thats still $1.5 lol
Need I say more?

craftsmanship of Angel's Share

They took a good 10min with multiple equipment to make this beautiful shot - I know, its meant be had as a 
I was at the bar with my friend and we were marveling over the bartender's skills and creativity, giddy like kids seeing what he's going to come up with next...then he started to make this drink - and gave it to us!!!
We squirted with joy! my friend is a guy and I'm pretty sure he squirted as well lol -can you blame him though?!
I wish i had a better camera with me but this picture was taken by my iPhone and it totally completely does not do the gem that is the shot justice.
I must go back to Angel's Share with a camera next time :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Oyster bar

I haven't been to Oyster bar in the basement of Grand Central Station for such a long time, and this was my first time sitting at the bar counter instead of the red-checked table cloth seating area, but it was surprisingly nice!
We had 4 cherry clams and shared a combination stew with bread in it, but that was unexpectedly, SO MUCH FOOD!
and was yummy!
The wait was minimal, and the casualness of eating at the bar on bar stools were pretty nice.
I will go back again if I ever need a place to go grab a quick bite of sea food!

Canadian glass

a lovely happily married couple, who just had their one year anniversary gave me these glassware made by hand in Canada because i was maid of honor at their wedding.
How sweet is that!? 
The little bird was made at the same glass factory, made specifically for their wedding day.
I will be using all of these in my food pictures!! Thanks H & A!!


I regret not bringing a camera this day but had to post this...
Sakagura, is just an adorable place with really good sake & food, it can't go wrong.
This day, the chef gave us this delicate creation "uni on yuba&nori with ankake sauce", which was out of this world and knocked my socks off!!! A-mazing!! Good stuff, really great.
Cannot wait to go back again for more!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Home made ginger ale

it is SO HOT in NY today!! so I made home made ginger ale.
It's my first attempt, but it was pretty easy (used cookpad recipe)..
I used a lot of ginger cus some nice people at a noodle event I helped the other day gave me TONS of left over ginger.
I can mix this with sparkling water and make it an actual ginger ale, or, you know.....alcohol ;)
Happy summer☆

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tanabata somen noodles

July 7th is Tanabata.
It's the day when Orihime&Hikoboshi meet once an year, and since they are stars(the actual twinkle-twinkle-in the sky above type) Tanabata is when you eat somen (I think it had something to do with Orihime being involved in textile weaving...which I forget how it has anything to do with noodles but...), so I made somen with okura cus it kinda looks like stars...
It's the first time i made it with sesame sauce, but its pretty good (Japanese recipe here!!).
Happy Tanabata~☆

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Brooklyn fire proof

Brooklyn fire proof is too cute, I want to retire, as soon as possible and run this cute joint....
it's an indoor-outdoor bar with gallery space/performance art space.
Meaning, you can have a gallery, supported by the funds of a bar (a plan that can't go wrong...right?), to exhibit whatever you want! and it's cute!!!

Lincoln Center, Tchaikovsky....oh who am I fooling it's champagne!!

Everything seems better with a drink especially if I'm having champagne under bright daylight at Lincoln Center looking over the huge murals by Chagall.  
I am just lucky to be in NY to enjoy all this.

Chicken liver pasta

in my neighborhood, we have all sorts of posh foods...
Liver Pasta!
I went in cus that was the only place my friend could park his bike, but I was excited to see this on the menu.
It was great!
But, anything I eat seems suspiciously better after midnight, so I think I have to go back another time earlier in the day to see....don't even remember the name of the place lol I'm sure I'll figure it out when I walk around that area.

Quail was asking for it....

That quail...
was totally asking for it!!!
So...I ate it!!!
kinda threw me off with the whole, 
"entire figure of quail recognizably there" thing....
but I ate it!!!
It was Good!
I have to confess though. I only did it to say "I did it!!!"
to be fair, The Morgan is a cute place...

I know where it's at....

I know where it's at~♪
I know where they have frozen margaritas in a take out cup,
I wont tell you♥
Lucky me for being fine with no salt on frozen margaritas to begin with, I'm going be having frozen margaritas in the park alllll the time!

Mac & Cheese♥

I heard our cafe had Mac&Cheese with bacon.....
God knows how fast I ran to the 10th floor cafeteria!!
Thank you, whoever decided to put that in the menu...♥


after tricking my friend into coming to a Mets game with me ("...and you call this, having beer outdoors?"), we got back to the city and, of course, it's past midnight and that yummy shake shack we had feels like it was days ago!  
Donburiya is the only place I could figure out was still we went, and I had Nattou-Ikura-Don♥
So good!!
Carbs all the wayyyyy
Home run midnight donburi!!!