Sunday, November 4, 2012


so there was SANDY! phew! lost public transportation access, electricity, hot water, tireeed, BUT now all solved!! well not all but close to it, and my heart goes out to those who still dont have access to the necessary things that take you through this cold weather.
It's actually really cold! all of a sudden. must be the day light saving time change thing that happened as well, just really chilly and im not ashamed to pull out my puffy down jacket (which i initially pulled out since I was walking across brooklyn bridge...its windy up there!!).  Because of the cold, I made Tonjiru! I know im not the only one since I met a friend earlier today at a japanese super market buying the exact same ingredients to make the exact same thing (great minds think alike- or all japanese ppl think alike!).
I forgot to add frozen satoimo in the beginning so by the time i added it, it was too late and made it mushy but its good. its warm. its so, much, better, than what i was eating for the past week in the dark!!