Tuesday, September 27, 2011

never ending packing

im supposed to fly out to Japan in a few hours, so I decided to clear out my fridge...
and i found a yamaimo...
so I decided to make a yamaimo fuwafuwa yaki...

and i TOTALLY BURNED IT!!!! (T T)/nooooooooo
(but, under the burnt surface was pretty good!)

its half past midnight, and this is how my suitcase looks like...my car picks me up within 8 hours from now.
at least ill get some sleep in the plane!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Congee for colds...

Chinese congee (recipe by Msan)
I always wondered how they made the creamy chinese porridge, but thanks to my friend M who found out and gave me the recipe!!
1.rinse 1/2 cup rice with water, drain and pour sesame oil over it and let it sit.
2. boil 2l water with 2 garlics and seasoning (we used waper seasoning)
3. add sesame oil infused rice to 2. and boil for 40min
tadahhh! it works!! add chicken or anything you want, and its just great!

the rest are all part of the things I cooked today for cookpad & seems to work for my cold to some extent...

more somen noodles (this was originally a porridge dish tho)

this is more of a japanese bar food menu but...yamaimo on tofu.

ok now, lets get me better!

Monday, September 12, 2011

the duck that came carrying green onions...

theres a saying in Japanese, "a duck came carrying green onions" ; meaning its so convenient if a duck would stop by with green onions cus thats the ingredients we need to make duck pot!!!
at Seo restaurant, they had kamo-negi inaniwa udon, which is duck-green onion-noodles!
the duck came with yuzu-pepper, so fragrant!!
not only did the duck bring all that, but with a kimbap!
ahh that duck is sure good to me lol


oh dear!
"Kyushu-ichiban-natto" was so great with large daizu beans!!!

Bud (S90 practice)

zoom in from afar to get the edge line of the can straight...

macro function without zoom...the background fades but the lines are curved as a result.

ahhhh macro at its best! almost crocodile like detail of frosted glass...

Hidechan Ramen

Miso Tonkotsu Ramen@Hidechan Ramen!

pasta lunch!!

The other day, I did the impossible; I made yucky peperoncino!
Its just olive oil, red pepper and garlic...I know, it cant go wrong, but yet, it did!!!
As this came as an extreme shock, I told my friend about my miserable experience and what does a good friend do? they make me the best pasta ever to make it up!!!
shrimp, asparagus, tomato pasta with anchovies!!

amazing amazing first attempt at vongole!!

Japanese specialty, spaghetti napolitan!!!
apparently they dont have this amazing creation in naples...
their loss! so awesome! :D
thank you-!!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Takashi!!! such an amazing yakiniku place...
We had niku-uni (sea urchin on top of raw meat) it melts in your mouth! the presence of meat intensifying the Uni-ness....

this is a collagen shot!
you eat the jellyish collagen on the spoon first and chase it with the tasty collagen soup, which my friend describes as "i want to eat a lot of this with noodles in it!"
I expect all my friends to not notice me now that the collagen shot and all the yummy food must have made my skin look10 years younger ;)