Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mac & Cheese - I will never grow up.

One of the best things about growing up is that you get to make decisions on your own.
You can choose anything and everything; friends, part of your family (spouses), where to go, and the most important part "what to eat".
You can eat ANYTHING you want for lunch. 
M&C is like, as good as it gets for lunch-yummm
I heard the kid in me go yuppieeee!!! when I bought a box of mac & cheese with the intention to cook it and bring it to lunch.  I dont care what my coworkers think, I was so excited about lunch that I went to the microwave at 12 sharp. 
I added Parmesan cheese and black pepper, but yea yea I know, dress it up all you want but its still good ol' Mac & Cheese!


  1. hahaha it looks like you also manage to dress it up with a nice bowl. and who did you give the other 2/3 of the meal to? :-) read as an expression of self-satisfaction with my cheeky comment.
    don't take me wrong, i <3 this blog.