Thursday, August 30, 2012


I haven't been too good posting recently, and now that I sit down and try to look for things to post, it's simply because I have nothing too exciting to write!
Here, I note my random leftover lunches and bar food dinners...
summer rolls that my friend brought over the other day.  He has this extreme fear of becoming hungry, so always walks around with extra food- but he is one of the skinniest people alive.  This day, he wasnt hungry and left this at my place, so lucky me, I got to take it to work for lunch! and it was great!

Goto udon yakisoba.  at Umi no ie, one of their specialties happens to be their goto udon noodles served either with soup or cold broth, but I wanted their Fujinomiya yakisoba, which they hadn't, so they made yakisoba out of goto udon specially for me!! SO, GOOD!!!

ahhh, good ol' Habitat wing tuesdays!! 25c/wing and ate 10? while everyone else prob had 6 or so each, still its $2.5....and really good wings!!! one of the best things in Green point.

This is the ultimate "i dont want to tell my mother i had only this for lunch cus she's going to move in with me to cook" lunch.  I didnt have time to go buy lunch, so made do with things that were handy... hey, they're all good! just not the ideal lunch set...

Saturday, August 4, 2012

birthday risotto

to be specific it's post birthday but in my mind its going to be my BD for the entire month!
anyways, this risotto is a creature of beauty! labor of love! whatever you want to call it, ITS FREAKIN GOOD!!!!
the soup was a gift from my friend Yuji who is the force behind the amazing Yuji ramen (god please can he just start his own restaurant asap!!) who made it as a result of intense three hour stewing of veggies and red octopus and pork..... the soup itself is to die for!!!!
the gelatin in it becomes this gorgeous golden pink that frizzles once refrigerated.  I just added cream and rice and its as good as what angels eat in heaven (my version of heaven at least). 

the chicken was also amazing! Thank you Yujisan!!!