Sunday, July 22, 2012

one egg, divided into two, united in my tummy...

i made this spaghetti with natto and egg yolk mixed with salty combu that i found on cookpad.
It's a great thing! but I just hated how i would waste the egg white, so i made egg white miso soup to accompany the spaghetti, utilizing the entire egg and taking in lots of soy beans!!


I went to Kajitsu the other day! it's my first time here, and it's probably because it's a place that is strictly vegetarian and I dont have that many friends who are like that...
I for one am def a meat person but this, was, great!!! Japanese Shojinryouri sensibility at it's best, it was SO, GOOD!!

this looks like fish but it's actually yuba! 
chilled corn soup. 

umeboshi flavor cold somen
fired avocado and mochi-fu! 

desert 1 
little tea candy with maccha! 
just eating here makes me feel like i did something good to myself!
I hope i get to come back again soon :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Thank you Cookpad!!! Tanabata version☆

This, is, EPIC!!!!!

my recipe for sesame somen dip was chosen as the top recipe of the day for cookpad!!!!!

I repeat, THIS IS EPIC!!!!!!! (this will only show for 7/7/2012)

Amazing. I cant get over this. Ohhh dear oh dear oh dear!!!!

The recipe itself is simple, a sesame dip for somen, along with okura (shaped as ☆ when sliced) and tenkasu (Ten means heaven) for added taste of course but the pun is how they go along with the Tanabata theme.

I dont think I ever had a better Tanabata in my life!!!!
Thank you cookpad☆

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

a very Modern lunch

went to lunch at one of my favorite places in town, the Modern at MoMA.

quail! with mac&cheese Modern style :)

nice sculpture garden view~

desert. coffee&ice cream sundae.

felt like a grownup lol