Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar viewing girls night in -shochu potluck

I was invited to cook izakaya food at a sake expert's for girls only potluck party....boy did I cook!!!
Everything had to be portable which was the tricky part....
From top left clockwise; sauteed sweet&chilly Konyaku, ginger soy braised string beans and bean curd, fried renkon with salt&nori, sesame gobo sticks.

soy sauce pickled half boiled eggs.
chicken mixed rice (konnyaku, carrots, gobo, bean curd &chicken-anything with five items are called gomoku so this is gomoku takikomi gohan)
potato salad with mentaiko (you just add mentaiko at your risk-expired a WHILE ago)
 salt braised salmon head.
 sake garlic clams.
 great table view!
we had so much shochu (ok fine, maybe just me!) and was busy laughing and eating that I didnt see the oscars a bit! lol
Great fun.
Hope they invite me again to cook :D

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Celery pasta

I had nothing at home but celery so i sauteed that in garlic oil with red pepper and added olives....
...........and it was SO GOOD!!!
totally unexpected! lucky me!! :D