Saturday, January 29, 2011

Eggs, the taste of freedom

The other day, the idiots that are Kings county court selected me as a juror to serve on a case starting yesterday.  
After a looooooooooong process of waiting bored out of my mind, they finally settled out of court and now I AM FREE FOR 8 YEARS of jury duty!!!!!!
This happened on Friday afternoon, so I called up my freelance friend for lunch at Shimizu where he bragged about how good the Omurice he had there was...
It was good, but with this amazing feeling of freedom, probably Anything I eat is good lol
It's always good to have lunch with beer outside on a weekday anyways!!! 
It feels so special :D  I was all smiles throughout lunch.

 In addition to that, I just love eggs.....
This is from a Japanese chef's website.  
What, a GORGEOUS, omelet!!!
I just want this chef to make this in front of me, over and over again.
He makes it look way too easy!
It is amazing! its at the level of magical!!!

and so is this; Steam Scramble Eggs on one of my favorite food sites,;
I have to go there.  I have to see them make this, and I HAVE TO EAT THIS!!!!
I cannot wait!!!


  1. the japanese version is some much better-so much softer and moist, than jodi the big bone's. the bread and whatever is in between the two slices is so unappealing- not that i'd not have it, coming from the bread continent.
    talking food and posting pix is almost as eating, isn't it. food blogs rock.

  2. Hi perke. Interesting! but I'd still♥to try the steam scramble eggs :)