Saturday, June 2, 2012

the Yopparai in NY

everyone's favorite sake loving guy is leaving for Japan soon~~~ (T T)/
to have his farewell drinks, there is no where more fitting than Yopparai! which means "to be drunk" 
this tiny new joint just opened a few months ago, tucked in the second floor of a cute area in the LES .
The door is firmly shut upon arrival stating "closed" - you have to know to ring the bell to have yourself let in! tricky... but once in, the trouble is worth it with the yum and the ohhs and the ahhs you're about to see :D
just a salad, but "the, salad"  
 "kuro" oden

♥ ahh the perks of coming with the store VIP

and the perks of coming with people who cant eat sea urchin (^-^)/
sorry for them but hey, THANKS tte kanji!!

yo, the ikura has gold flakes on it- the BLING!!

wasabi dassai kasuzuke - stop me if you can from finishing an entire bottle of sake with this!

perks of a sake loving persons farewell -part 2♥

in a suzu metal ochoko cup!!

hotate butter - the salt it literary on fire!

all in all, had a great great time.  Its without a doubt not the last nomikai ill have with our friend, but one of the great fun ones I hope!
cheers to the guy who made the NY sake community what it is today!

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