Monday, June 11, 2012


I am so lucky to have a friend who is SERIOUS about food, and in this case, PAELLA :D
After literary months of test runs, using different methods, he has finally arrived to a place where he is comfortable with the result. 
Below I give you, the real deal!

now aint that something!!! I wish i took better pictures cus mine doesnt do it justice! the color, the rice, the chicken - to die for!!!

how it's been cooked....感慨深いww

I shall state the obvious - IT WAS GOOD!


cheese! only Spanish cheese!

guacamole!!! it had a different twist after adding chopped tomato :)

olives with rosemary and garlic. Lots of it! 

pickled cauliflower 

it was a platter of cute little sweet tomatoes and arugula on prosciutto, but i ate it before taking pictures.

this, is, genius! garlic and tomato infused bread toasted and drizzled with olive oil.

tortilla! i think it went better than before- changed the way i cut the potatos-now thinly sliced rather than chopped into cubes.  

hipster ice gelato from greenpoint!
ginger & earl grey oishii~~~

what a journey! 
Now I think it's safe to say that his paella master will happily give him a certificate :)
PS. I hear that he is now going to aim for squid ink paella&/larger size pan paella!
at this point, no one's going to believe me when i say he is not in the food business lol

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