Saturday, June 16, 2012


My friend from Japan is visiting, and wanted to go out for Italian.  After agreeing to Japanese-Italian, I was super thrilled to book a table at Dieci!!
Tucked in a half basement little corner in the LES, this is one of my favorite wine places as well.
Oysters, with interesting relishes.
misozuke beef
yuzu pepper ponzu marinated tuna avocado 

and then UNIIIIII♥♥♥
sea urchin in other words, this one was a great eggy combination of uni, caviar on top of scrambled eggs :) 
uni with cheese and yuzu foam
Uni Pasta!!!!!
Oh yeah was AWESOME!!!!
Gochisosamadeshita :D


  1. East Village has so much to offer but really only Japanese food done well aka actually done by JP chefs is worth the trip. Never tried this place, but obviously it was a mistake. Delicious. I like how you call this area LES, old style!

  2. あ、そっか,yeah i should call it EV huh...was good regardless!