Saturday, June 30, 2012

Squid ink paella

we had such a great run this season for Paella, im afraid im a little emotional when we got to the point of squid ink paella! We Came So Far!!! Lol
we got squids to use for topping.

the leggy things are used for flavoring..
it takes a LOT of squids to collect ink, but the greatness that is squid ink mix! comes to the rescue :D 

red peppers added-they become soft even without grilling them first. 
green peas. 
and its done!!!!! 
slightly moist yet yummy crunchyness... 
Gochisosama deshita!!!! 
see how its still doing the subtle bubbly thing? that means, its close, but not yet!
patience my friend.... in the end, the wait it Absolutely worth it~~~!!!

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