Sunday, May 27, 2012

everyday veggies

sometimes the food coop is great when i actually come across a time that the line is reasonable and I can feel like actually buying things there (yes its that bad).
I am a sunday afternoon shift, and when my shift is done, the line is a good half hour long even for the express lane, so I work the food coop shift and leave to buy things at keyfoods!
Last Saturday, I got lucky; I got up early on a weekend! 7AM! and had the guts to actually go to the food coop to buy things.  My prized purchase of the day; veggies :D

I got loose organic asparagus, grilled and added miso-mayo dip

pickled cauliflower...

sesame and mayo broccoli

simply boiled broccoli with sliced garlic and salt to flavor

grilled asparagus with butter and soysauce

I also got hakusai (took me forever to noticed they call it napa chinese cabbage at the food coop) and cant wait to make something out of it :)

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