Friday, December 23, 2011


Torishin is a yakitori place but it started with amazing yaki-oysters.
then yaki-egg plants.. 
and then the yakitori....

I went to hand over a black humor pigeon comic called "Hatoyome", which is about this horrible pigeon wife who curses at everything and gambles her husbands earnings.
It is way too funny....but the kind of funny that wont make too much sense to buy the comic books, better to read when you go visit your friends place and they have it there.
I bought them cheap in Japan at a used book store, so brought them back to NY to lend to my friend whos also into it....
a good laugh. too funny to read in a commuter train cus ppl will be like "ummm not only is it a grownup reading a comic book, but smirking!".
Knowing my luck i'll run into a friend i havent seen in ages ONLY when im doing that....careful careful!!

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