Sunday, December 11, 2011

midnight weekend ramen @1or8

1or8 is somewhere I go to for sushi (Kazusan at the counter is AMAZING) but they also have special ramen on weekends from midnight.
This week, i got a text saying its Gyusuji misonikomi ramen!! (which i miss read for motsunimoki and got all excited -hint hint 1or8?!)
unlike how it appear to be greasy, it actually was not at all...kinda threw me off.
they also have oden in the winter!
 very unusual to have tomato in oden, so it was my first attempt and brilliant!
the tomato gives a very clean finish to the broth, and allows the oden to stay fresh rather than the usual- have been boiling for a million years-taste.
then I had the sushi♥ there was hokke ni the right back hand side-mmmm!
a satisfactory meal yet once again!
Thank you 1or8!!

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