Sunday, December 11, 2011

soy based spinach pasta

initially I got the idea of this pasta from cookpad's recipe (popular at almost 1000ppl report!)
but I make mine drastically differently nowadays...
I heat bacon with no oil cus SO MUCH oil comes out of it!!!
then i add crushed garlic-which i take out in the end, then spinach -this can even be later cus it sautes so fast!
I would dissolve dried shiitake in water, and add both the shiitake and water for flavor.
Taste it with mentsuyu(soba noodle broth) and mirin(sweeeeeeet sake for cooking), salt and peppa and DONE!
I also like to sprinkle pine nuts for topping.
it's really easy but yummmy yumm yumm if i may say so myself :D

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