Monday, December 5, 2011

Long Island winery tour

a trip to LI started with lunch- there is absolutely no way I'm drinking all day on an empty stomach!!
new england clam chowder...

the next is a no brainier, lobster roll!!
i mean really, who says no to lobster rolls?

and it starts to look winery-ish!
a few flights with cheese and bread^^ 

beautiful scenery! 
and then suddenly...alpaca!!!! 
apparently this is a farm-winery... 
tasting room was made to look like a barn.
cute if you like it touristy and all...
scary sheep intact...
big bad boy american burger!!!
mushrooms, swiss cheese, caramelized onions....all the good stuff... 

simple and cheep steak; oh how you are so good my meat!!
some are good to the end, some are so so...but in the end it's all just plain fun.
aging aging aging...

winery cat, comfortable at home...

a beautiful trip I must say.
Want to go back again in spring or early summer :)

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