Monday, February 28, 2011

Gyukaku; if you dont get happy hour, you go for $2 draft

during Feb, Gyukaku had $2 draft.
I noticed that this evening when I was leaving work and text messaged my girl friend who is actually busy but still can make time for cheap beer (gotta love her)!
The other day I was talking to my co-worker who also loves Gyukaku and we realized that we've been to Gyukaku so, many, times, but only have been there during regular price settings (=gasp! non-happy hour!!!) only twice or so lol
Today, I thought about not eating anything, but once I got there that seemed silly so we got Sukiyaki Kimchi Bibimpap and Goma Negi Ramen.
But I still will only go back for happy hour next time♥

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