Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wine well

This, my friends, is a Wine Well!
It is genius, it chills normal temp wine completely and perfectly in 4~5min!!!
It's basically putting your wine in an ice cold well and speeding up the chill process by vibrating the container.
It's the first time I saw it (they have it at Chelsea Wine Vault inside Chelsea market), and they called it in a different name but I could only find what they call "wine well" online...
Me on the other hand, I'm a bit more retro, and lack space in a freezer and the ability to think ahead and chill a white wine if I know I need it, so I get a bucket of snow and stick the wine in it for an hour or so...
...this is a fierce snowman my neighbor made with left over flowers from the flower shop....sorry had to put it up, so intense!!!
Anywayzz, a few days ago my friend kindly invited me to her office party@KOKO.
They are a very nice architecture + design firm with cute projects.
this is one of the cute models of a pool house they pretty.
the wine chilled immediately with the Wine Well!!! sorry it's still covered but it was a cute wine I believe called Gavi.
and I just gotta say, the food catering was to die for!!
Bagna cĂ uda pictured above was soo gooooood♥
Thanks KOKO office!!

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