Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yakiniku Takashi

I went to Yakiniku Takashi!!!
I went before but forgot how good it is!!! excuse my short term memory, but in a sense I'm lucky because I can easily be re-impressed lol
Beef Schmaltz, was AMAZING!! the faint truffle taste is a wonderful addition to the delicate buttery spread.  One bite and I instantly grabbed my beer lol
This plate is called, get this, the "Tongue experience"!!!
To be fair, it is quite interesting when you think of how all the very different meat actually is from one huge tongue (ok, you might not want to imagine it too much...)
Assorted Horumon plate.  You grill the white chewy ones forever before its edible but it's yummmmmm once ready!!
Tetchan (intestine)
This, was so chewy and good! I can chew on it forever!

Thank you Yakiniku Takashi! Thank you beef! gyuuuuuuuu~~

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