Tuesday, August 30, 2011


In order to write this entry, I learned that what you call Shokoshu in Japanese as Shaoxing Wine in English.
Hmmmm interesting... shokoshu is a stinky alcohol that pretty much tastes like medicine but once you get used to it, its really good (as is every hard liqueur...) and it's cheap!

 I like to have shokoshu with nitamago(marinated boiled egg- in this case marinated in soy sauce based broth for 2 days) and menma.
I also made mayo-marinated hakusai cabbages.

the glass is a beautiful kiriko cut glass.

The nitamago I aimed for was supposed to have a raw yolk that would absorb the soy sauce and turn it into a slightly jelly-ish texture but in this case I think I boiled it too long...was still good!

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