Monday, August 8, 2011


I can't believe I dont have any posts on Hagi.
I used to go there so often...even now I think at least once every few weeks although I neither work/live anywhere close to it.
I usually have Edamame, Karaage with oroshi ponzu, Daikon salad and some form of carb...
in this case, Mentaiko spaghetti!
For some reason Ive been very Mentaiko spa now a days...but hey, it's good stuff!
At Hagi, don't expect to be seated right away.
I usually leave my name and number and go upstairs to Iroha (and only drink, cus Id end up eating at Hagi anyways) and wait till they call from downstairs.
I used to just wait outside but that's pretty boring especially in this summer heat....


  1. i assume you bring company with you, but why do you sound so lonely. you can just talk we...unless you're really one woman show. just curious why this constant I.

  2. hmm didnt think too much about it..but I would never go eat/drink out by myself so safe to assume im with someone.

  3. i guessed that much, but this time you never mentioned we and you went upstair to drink, not even hinting that you perhaps chatted with the friendly bartender while getting inebriated waiting for your table to be readied in a corner to continue drowning your sorrows like a lonely ojisan...;-)

  4. I go with different ppl all the time, and in this case I went with a friend and we were joined by a ojisan friend of ours after being seated.

  5. sounds like you, one friend one ojisan.

    by the way tested the chilled tomato pasta recipe you instagrammed last week. came out pretty good. i think i put in too much garlic though.

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  7. yup, me, my girl friend and our ojisan friend. yeah I saw that pic this morning! looks delish :)