Tuesday, April 24, 2012

NA Beer

I've recently dipped my toes in the new sphere of soberness....hence the sudden interest in non-alcoholic beer!  OK, its not like I wanted to, honestly, but the hay fever this year is ridiculous! had to take Allegra, which helps me from crying and sneezing all the time, but by taking a dose of that, I have to stop drinking cus  it really doesnt mix well with alcohol....
Thank god i have a friend who's been in "non alcohol" world for years to guide me, otherwise I'd never have imagined theres so many NA beers that existed!  
and it's surprisingly good!!
I know, I used to think "who am i kidding, just the taste of beer and non of the side effects?" but it's actually satisfying I have to say.
Below, I note the basic four that my friend has told me to look out for...
(seen all over town, but got in neighbor deli)

(from LES deli)

(from Brooklyn beer spot)

(found in 1st Ave Wholefoods Beer section)

i dont think id enjoy soberness as much if it wasnt for these goodies.
I hear theres a lot of NA beers with no calories in Japan...wish that was a trend that'd catch up soon in NY!!!

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