Sunday, March 27, 2011

theee cold (cough cough)

I have a cold.
A very minor detail considering what's going on in my home country of Japan, true.
Timing wise, this is the worst that could be for me, for my personal life and work wise, and with the catastrophe that is this continuous triple punch of unheard levels of disasters taking place, even now, in Japan. 
I can't sit around with a cold, I'm busy enough with fund raisers...
So I made Tamago-sake.
It's Sake, sugar and egg yolk warmed...heavenly!!!
Very good.  Much impressed.
  Next up I made this thing where I basically pickled a Daikon radish in honey and ginger...
Wow! so good!!
When I get a cold, it usually starts with a runny nose, then a painful throat that leads to a fever, by which time I am done done, knocked, out.
This morning, I had a sore throat...which spells DANGER!!
I tried everything, ate Umeboshi, Ginger, Honey, Lemon, all separate, all combined, hot and cold, liquid or porridge style, evverything!
It didnt work too I got on the train for 30min to get a daikon from a Japanese store and made the above.
Satisfied! (insert sounds of angels and stuff here...)
I also got this lovely set of tsukudani from my ex-boss who traveled from Japan!
great with porridge!
Now, I just have to finish this up with a traditional double dose of NyQuil and knock myself out!
I'm so tired of waking up to horrible news...
My grandmother lives in Shinurayasu which is next to Toyko Disney Land, they are built upon filled grounds.
That, caused liquefaction which destroyed the water pipes.  
Let me put it this way, she hasn't had a shower since the earth quake.
She is lucky enough that a water supply truck comes around once in a while so she can wet her towel to wipe herself, but becus she's a WWII survivor, none of this phases her.
"The people in the north dont even get the water trucks".
Tough cookie that one! My grandma's hard core! She would laugh at me if she heard I had a cold and am eating and drinking all the stuff I can put my hands on....

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