Saturday, March 5, 2011


I went to Roberta's today on the way back from a cute little design studio/gallery place in West Williamsburg.
When we walked around the neighborhood, Roberta's was right there and although that was not where my friend intended to go, I requested we just go in for a slice of pizza.....
This is becoming rather predictable of me..... but it was SO GOOD!!!!
Crust thin and chewy, fresh tomato sauce & fragrant basil, topped with never ending mozzarella cheeese~~~
The busy oven was visible to all in the dining hall.
Despite the intense heat, the oven is an adorable red.
They have rustic brunch, just the way the hipsters would like it.
Oh yea, its good too!
I would never notice this entrance leads to such an amazing place, but it does!
They have an outdoor eating space, which looked perfect for a day like today, which was (at least in my mind) the first day of spring in NY.
Outdoor brunch, here I come!!

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