Saturday, August 4, 2012

birthday risotto

to be specific it's post birthday but in my mind its going to be my BD for the entire month!
anyways, this risotto is a creature of beauty! labor of love! whatever you want to call it, ITS FREAKIN GOOD!!!!
the soup was a gift from my friend Yuji who is the force behind the amazing Yuji ramen (god please can he just start his own restaurant asap!!) who made it as a result of intense three hour stewing of veggies and red octopus and pork..... the soup itself is to die for!!!!
the gelatin in it becomes this gorgeous golden pink that frizzles once refrigerated.  I just added cream and rice and its as good as what angels eat in heaven (my version of heaven at least). 

the chicken was also amazing! Thank you Yujisan!!!

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  1. looks good, but it's not quite risotto, it's more like a soup. happy birthday.