Sunday, July 22, 2012


I went to Kajitsu the other day! it's my first time here, and it's probably because it's a place that is strictly vegetarian and I dont have that many friends who are like that...
I for one am def a meat person but this, was, great!!! Japanese Shojinryouri sensibility at it's best, it was SO, GOOD!!

this looks like fish but it's actually yuba! 
chilled corn soup. 

umeboshi flavor cold somen
fired avocado and mochi-fu! 

desert 1 
little tea candy with maccha! 
just eating here makes me feel like i did something good to myself!
I hope i get to come back again soon :)


  1. Did umeboshi flavor cold somen come out of a melon (spagetti squash?)?

  2. Delicious. But, beside being strictly vegetarian, which might be a problem for a lot of people, it feels boring after you have it once. I loved it about a year ago for my birthday, but now looking at it, it seems the exact same meal.

  3. the first dish had spaghetti squash but not the somen, that was just, somen! i dont usually go eat vegetarian food so i was pleasantly surprised that it was better than expected. but i dont know if id like it too much if the menu is the exact same if i go again, but i wouldnt mind having the corn soup with corn tempura anyday! yumm~~