Saturday, January 7, 2012


I tend to make this pretty often; a one man hotpot!
Usually nabe type things are good for sharing with others on a cold day, but given the fact that I live alone I end up with soooo much left over!! so I divide it into a few things...
This day, I made a simple basic chicken hotpot; bring the dashi broth to a boil and add garlic and ginger along with dried shiitake, then the chicken (with its bone) for basic flavor, then add hakusai cabbage, tofu whatever vegis i was able to find in my fridge (carrots, scallions etc).
Round one, I would take it little by little and eat with ponzu.  Round two, I would take a little more in a separate pot and make it into porridge.  Round three I added miso with Korean spices to make it a real deal hotpot, and added an egg.  Since the flavor comes from chicken, its versatile enough for a long run!
I have to switch pans to a smaller one every time I cook but its satisfying when I cook and utilize it long enough that the chicken meat comes off the bone without even trying!  

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