Saturday, January 14, 2012

Brunch at home

a friend came to visit Sat afternoon so I made brunch.  I had kale, which I never cooked before so went to my trusted cookpad for help!  It worked well...steamed kale then sauteed with olive oil, sliced garlic, smoked bacon and just added salt.  With the exact same ingredients, aside from the kale, I made German potato with potato and onions.  My secret ingredient (now not too much of a secret that I'm revealing it...) is anchovy paste.  Adds a kick to it.  The left over of this will be consumed by me later with beer!  Also had egg in a cocotte; lined cocotte with smoked bacon, drop an egg topped with cheese dressing (my French friend recommends sour cream instead, which without a doubt would be phenomenal and I shall try one day!) and place the cocotte in a pan of boiling water, leave there boiling till egg is done to preferred degree (mines runny cus I like to dip my bread in it).   Shared a venti bold from starbucks.  Brunch, is served.  :)  

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