Wednesday, October 12, 2011


After Kyoto I went to Fukuoka for the first time...
Current, a restaurant by the sea with a great casual dining terrace.
The area has a hippie-surfer vibe...

a small sushi bar you would never go to unless someone in the know takes you there...
everyone knew each other and everything was delish!!

a Fukuoka staple, Chikae, famous for their fish and mentaiko.
It makes sense to go for lunch cus its so much more reasonable...and yummy!!

sanma mentaiko!

fish tanks!!

didnt get to take pictures but Fukuoka has a lot of little street ramen stores which I liked as well.
Goshisosama Fukuoka! Thanks to my friend S and her awesome Fukuoka ambassador husband K!!
a big thanks to their adorable baby R as well^^

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