Sunday, July 31, 2011

drinking and eating at 1 or 8

1 or 8, is great.
When at the sushi counter, there's non-stop gorgeous and delicious yumminess that just keeps coming!
Ikura - like a deep sea gem, beautiful and so, good!!
Aburi toro...
Uni itself can make me cry but on top of negitoro and I'm brawling!
They have great sake there, this was Ozeno yukidoke, clean sharp, well balanced.  I also love So-gen for the same reason.
I don't usually even eat dessert but this was so great I ate everything!!
This is from the other day I went, but the chef who saw this picture told me I shot it from behind so the angle is all wrong, but I think, to be fair (to me) it still shows the beauty of it, and trust me when I tell you it was heavenly good :D
Lamb♥ Food comma galore!
I told the owner, but whenever someone says "ok, we're going to 1or8!" I actually do a little dance lol

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