Saturday, June 11, 2011

Chicken soup porridge

for Japanese people, porridge is the thing to have when you get a cold.  
Not necessarily so in the States though, there's the age old trick called "chicken noodle soup"...
In my opinion - not the same!
But, I do like chicken soup and slow cooked food in general, so I made a soup by boiling chicken back bone, ginger and any vegetable I can find in the fridge (onion, carrots, string beans in this case) and cooked it for a good 2 hours....
The result is a beautiful golden soup!
It's creamy, with an almost silky feel to it.
So I decided to go the middle ground of my usual katsuo-dashi porridge and chicken noodle soup...
tah dah~~! chicken based porridge!
I have a cold with throat irritation so the ginger is just heavenly :)
I think I'm going to have this till I get better.......

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